In a rapidly changing world, make sure you have a warehouse management system that is capable of the kind of flexibility needed to adapt to automation. We are dedicated to making businesses run smoothly by connecting automation to your warehouse operations.

Combine automated and manual order fulfillment with solutions from IMI and your automation projects will be successful. No matter if you are looking for automation where products are picked in bins or if you are using automation for internal transportation or automated storage and picking. 

The key to this is efficient task handling in the WMS, that can determine when and how tasks should be distributed – to the right warehouse area and automation system or to the right individual user or robot.  With a configurable warehouse management solution from IMI you will be able to expand your usage of automation and robotics in your operations by: 

  • Soft configuration of where automation equipment is used
    – movement routes, areas, pick zones etc.
  • API-based integrations with the ability to interact with different types of automation systems on the appropriate level.
  • Coordination of dependencies, timing constraints and pick sequences across both automated and manual processes.
  • Managing the workload across assortments, warehouse areas and zones with regards to capacity and throughput.

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