Supply Chain Solutions


Our supply chain solutions accelerate operations across your enterprise by seamlessly orchestrating flows and processes, ensuring that all transactions and data exchange are frictionless and scalable.

We bring together two powerful supply chain solutions to control all aspects of orders, inventory, and warehouse management with simplicity and full visibility.

IMI AOM™ and IMI WMS™ automates manual processes to drive down costs and give you a leg up on the competition. Whether deployed independently or as an integrated solution, both solutions are designed to streamline operations and enable growth across your enterprise.


Order Management

IMI AOM™ is a flexible, multi-channel order and inventory management system that provides full visibility and control of sales, purchases, returns, and inventory control processes across your global supply chain.


Warehouse Management

IMI WMS™ drives efficiency and profitability across your warehouse operations, automating and enhancing inhouse processes to improve space utilization, reduce labor costs, and boost delivery reliability.

Seamless For You, Coveted By Your Customers

In today’s interconnected world, consumers’ demands for a seamless shopping experience grow exponentially. This leaves your business with little choice – either you deliver on the rising expectations, or some other company will.

IMI gives scaling enterprises like yours the tools and insights to expand and thrive in today’s complex, multi-channel distribution world. By streamlining all distribution operations and task driven processes, our solutions ensure that you can deliver on your customers’ expectations every time.

Streamline And Automate Your Operations

Easily configurable to support your organization’s workflows, the IMI solutions are designed to streamline and automate supply chain operations and eliminate manual, hands-on administration – dramatically increasing efficiency in both order processing and warehouse production.

Designed around a centralized database, the system draws on real-time operational information to intelligently automate your processes.

Fredrik Hedlund
“We operate multi-client warehouses all over Europe and across most industries. IMI WMS™ helps us configure efficient solutions tailored for each client, but still reaping the benefits of one common system.”
Fredrik Hedlund
Head of Logistics IT Solution Competence Center, DB Schenker

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