Optimize Your Warehouse With A WMS

Resilient, flexible, and customizable. When you need to manage complex supply chain operations—IMI WMS is the intelligent warehouse management system for you.

IMI WMS puts the power in your hands. It packs full functionality into a solution that is flexible, scalable, and incredibly customizable. IMI warehouse management system creates new possibilities for growth by helping you outperform your customers’ needs. It gives you complete control over your inventory, allowing you to manage and control all warehouse resources in real-time. And it makes sure your promises are delivered on time so you can satisfy your customers’ expectations.


A WMS That Improves Shipping And Delivery Precision

Say goodbye to manual tracking of your pick process. IMI WMS supports Automated Wave Management, a solution that allows you to link delivery or shipping deadlines with departure schedules to drive pick efficiency.

The Automated Wave Management also supports integration with your transportation systems, so you easily can track the most effective route for your shipping deliveries. 

Outstanding Pick And Pack Productivity

IMI’s automated picking solutions help companies with high volume distribution to get products to consumers faster and smarter, using the right packaging and transport service. IMI’s technology offers visibility at the item level across the supply chain and manages warehouse picking while reducing space demands in the backroom, thereby maximizing profits and minimizing costs.

A WMS that Fits into your System Landscape

Ability to integrate with other applications is critical for a successful implementation. IMI WMS offers standard interfaces and APIs to host ERP and order management systems, e-commerce platforms, transportation planning systems, and carrier compliance systems. We offer template-based integrations to material handling automation and robotics systems, allowing automation of individual process steps (like weight capturing or internal AGV transports), specialized storage and/or picking areas, or larger engineered systems.  

You can read more about automation integration here

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Increase Receiving And Movement Efficiency

Manage your warehouse from one single place. IMI WMS is a universal solution made to optimize every aspect of your warehouse management steps into a streamlined work process. Take full control over the receiving, picking, packing, and shipping all through one system. Our system uses a scan-based automatic identification function to make all your activities faster and more accurate. Your products will be counted by workers in real-time, without expensive equipment. Anywhere, anytime.

Achieve Superior Production Control With A WMS

Designed to streamline your work processes and workflows, IMI WMS makes it easier than ever to manage scheduling, staff, equipment, and space for superior throughput utilization and delivery.

IMI WMS is an ideal solution for real-time warehouse planning and control, enabling you to easily make trade-off decisions based on scheduling constraints and monitoring of workload, capacity, constraint, and task assignments.

Create an Adaptable Platform for Growth

With IMI WMS, you can support all your warehouses in a single system. Sharing common master data and leveraging the system across multiple distribution sites, you can make better and faster decisions. With a single view of information from all sites and streamlined business processes across all locations, you can focus on your overall business goals instead of worrying about back-end logistics. The system also supports multi-client host integrations, with differentiated integrations and business rules workflows.

Support Traceability

The ability to track an order throughout its life cycle, from the moment products are ordered until they reach the customer, is essential for companies that want to guarantee the quality of their services. 

IMI WMS provide visibility and traceability of all products from their shipment from the supplier to their delivery to the customer. The system provides rich data for product track and trace, deviation reporting, issue management, reverse logistics processes, vendor management, and other important functions for smarter warehouse management.

Our process for fast and secure implementation

We have many, many years of experience from different warehouse layouts and types of operation, and a proven methodology for ensuring a safe journey from project start to go-live and continuous operation. Our implementation handbook ensures that nothing falls between the cracks, that decisions and change management are properly handled, and that the right mix of resources and skills are assigned, both from us and you as a customer.

“When we win a new client business, we need an agile software partner that can help us establish the most effective WMS setup.”
Mats Steen
CEO, Logent Group

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