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For Faster, Smarter and more Flexible Retail Operations

The retail industry is in constant need of change. Challenges such as fast-changing customer behavior, due to everything from a global pandemic to rising trends create a need to adapt to unpredictable demands, new technologies, and higher expectations on availability, assortment, and competitive prices. 

This leaves the retail business with little choice – either you deliver on the rising expectations, or some other company will. 

Common Industry Challenges

  • Fast-changing customer behavior
  • Omnichannel visibility increases the need for system accuracy
  • Seasonal variations and sourcing lead times

Our Solutions Help you Achieve

  • Real-time control and responsive supply chains, to enable sustainable scalability
  • Streamlined and soft configurable processes with the ability to manage varying order structures across channels
  • Warehouse and order process flexibility to scale up and down

What does our Customers within Retail say?

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IMI Supply Chain Solutions


Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.