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Automate your order process for high volume distribution

Organizations trading and distributing products are facing customers requesting more and better product information, more self-serve solutions for placing orders, and better visibility regarding availability, lead times and delivery. This puts strong pressure on continuously enhancing user experience and interactions but also on making the supply chain back-bone more adaptable and responsive. An Order Management System becomes essential in this dynamic for adaptability and responsiveness.


Is your supply chain backbone responsive enough?

Incorporating the order process into large ERP suites is not always the right way to go. Today’s customer requirements and interaction models needs to be addressed continuously and at a fast pace.

Open up for interoperability and integrations in your order processes to evolve faster by automating your order processes with one flexible system. IMI’s best-of-breed software solution act as a supply chain back bone and enables interoperability and integration with your user-, customer- and supplier- systems.

Improve productivity in your order management process

With IMI AOM you get the ability to capture sales orders from all customer frontends and system integrations, and you can provide instant promising, sourcing, and pricing information via APIs before and after the sales transaction.

The IMI AOM system also automatically generate purchase orders for drop ship and transit deliveries. This enables seamless notification and billing and supports returns and claims processing with customers as well as suppliers. The system also includes the ability to capture and propagate information about service-based offerings that complement the physical product delivery.

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Flexibility to change and expand based on varying business demands

IMI AOM is built to enable a composable architecture vision where all business logic can be reached via APIs. Master data that is owned by other systems is only requested or synchronized when needed. The order process automation software from IMI is totally customizable to fit large businesses in high volume distribution environments who want to track and manage their orders in a reliable and smart way.

Ability to scale

Effectiveness in the supply chain should not be restricted by high transaction volumes or organizational complexities.

IMI AOM is built for high transaction volumes and the system supports cross-enterprise order processing with inventories available across legal entities, warehouse sites and supply channels. With proven ability to scale both business volumes and supply chain complexity,

IMI AOM adapts to business changes via soft configuration options and tailoring of the solution via agile service offerings.

We operate all of our sales, purchasing, and fulfillment in IMI AOM™, using one system across all countries, legal entities, and business areas. It gives us a competitive edge and great transparency.
Johan Nilsson
Chairman of the board, Ahlsell

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