Take your procurement process to the next level with our innovative purchasing and inventory management system. Seamlessly control your purchases, confidently procure the right volumes, and save time with our fully automated, cloud-based solution. Experience the digitization of the purchasing process like never before.

Take the supply chain planning to new levels

Inventory control in combination with purchasing planning works as a powerful tool for increasing delivery capacity while reducing inventory.

Demand Forecasts

With automatically calculated forecasts on demand and calculation of forecast error, we calculate exactly the right safety stock and lead time stock that you need to manage +99% stock availability .

Inventory Control

Get control of your inventory levels. Have +99% stock availability on your important items and reduce the availability on less important ones. You get an exact inventory that corresponds to your service goal and you do not have to buy extra for safety reasons.

Purchasing planning

Based on forecasts and inventory control, automatic order proposals are created that the product planner can use as a starting point or let purchase orders be created and sent completely automatically. 


IMI SOLO is installed as an add -on to the customer’s existing ERP. The business system is normally the master for all data and data maintenance is only done in one place. Purchase orders and changes in orders are automatically updated to the ERP.


  • Seamless integration with the most common business systems on the market such as NAV, AX, Dynamics, Jeeves, Visma Business, Visma Admin, Pyramid, M3, SAP, Winbas and more.
  • Installed quickly and easily at a fixed price.
  • We retrieve and send data
  • For Inventory Control, all that is required is that the customer’s ERP can leave either files with data or a web API where we retrieve the data that is needed. File transfer uses XML files or plain text files.

Complicated and alien terms? Do not worry, we take care of the entire integration for you. Let’s talk more over a call!

We are very satisfied with SOLO and IMI. "Do not even want to think about what it would have been like without SOLO".
Anders Trillkott , CEO of Scandraft AB:
“Awesome supplier that I have worked with for many years. Their inventory control system has made it easier for me & the company. Helped me achieve the company's goals. Can definitely be recommended.”
Peter Olsson , Vice President , Tura

IMI SOLO Dashboard - Visualize and go in depth

Make conclusions from your own data and gain control over purchases and inventory with SOLO Dashboard. Individualized dashboard for KPIs provides a quick overview, detailed reports with filtering and drill-down provide deeper insights. SOLO Dashboard is built on Microsoft’s latest product Power BI – it secures your investment for the future. 

Analysis – create real business value

In order to be able to develop a business, it is crucial to have control over the numbers. With Dashboard, you draw conclusions based on the enormous amount of data that is in the system. All data is also easily exported to Excel for own analysis and simulation. The user-friendly and modern interface gives each user the opportunity to get a quick visual overview of the business.      

Key figures – KPI

You get a quick overview of the organization’s KPI:s. Visualize with the help of tables, graphs and charts. Deepen the analysis through drilldown in the reports.


Create your own reports based on ready-made templates and key figures. The user-friendly and modern interface gives each user the opportunity to control how the follow-up is presented. Visualise your reports in several ways, either as tables or bar charts. 

Integrate your ERP system

With Dashboard you easily integrate data from the ERP system to get a total experience of KPI:s for customers, sales, purchasing, profitability, supplier performance, lead times, forecasting, capital tied up.

Better forecast management for higher profitability

Anticipate customer demand, sale peaks and product flows, for ensuring the right product levels, resources and capacity are available. Then you maximize sales and customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.

Get automatic forecasts and feel confident with the outcome

Forecast calculation are visualized in order to understand how each forecast are calculated for maximum forecast accuracy so that the planner can use their expertise for the continuous improvement of forecasts.

Alarm about forecast deviations

For additional security and to save time, the system alerts for forecast deviations not meeting the expected result and allows the planners to focus on these instead of what goes as expected.

Focus on your big forecast challenges

Manage your big challenges with forecasts, including new products, price changes, promotions, seasonal variations and both the product tail and bestsellers.

Involve suppliers in your forecasts online

Let your most important supplier partners take part of your purchasing forecasts online both in the near future and rolling 12 months.

Forecast demand, not sales

Sometimes it happens that goods run out and cause reduced sales, which can lead to lower forecasts. SOLO compensate for that and calculates forecast based on an accurate demand.

Simulate forecast calculation with different parameter settings

See how forecasts get affected with different settings to get just the right responsive predictions on the outcome of demand and based on different seasonal variations.


Maximize customer satisfaction and gain control over your inventory with IMI SOLO today!

Nils is our IMI SOLO expert. He has worked with warehouse management since 2002, when he started developing systems for purchasing planning and warehouse management. Contact Nils and let him show you how you can make better purchasing decisions and get an overview of your stock levels.


  • Get control over purchases and feel secure that you are buying the right products at the right time
  • Reduce personal dependence and avoid all manual work
  • Reduce capital tied up in inventory

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