A mobile solution that increases sales, ease goods handling and gives better customer service.

IMI Retail - Mobile first

Manage your shop with your mobile

Your mobile is always available. 95% of the retail workforce do not have a desk, that’s why IMI focus on retail solutions for mobile – life is mobile. 

They can do shelf placement, inventories audits, receive goods, and get product information by scanning with the mobile. With IMI Retail, you get better inventory control and handle all Pick & Pack orders with a smartphone.   

  • Operate your shop´s pick & pack operations from your mobile
  • Scan products with mobile and get all product information
  • Do inventory audit with mobile
  • Store zone and map make it easy to find products
  • Use mobile for shelf placement
  • Print out shipment labels and shelf labels from mobile
  • Inform shop workers on campaigns on mobile
  • Enjoy self-service scan and go shopping for your customers

Manage your entire shop from your mobile

Some of the brands relying on IMI

IMI Supply Chain Solutions


Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.