Easy issue and claims management for fast refunds

Claims management

Functional Principle

Have you received damaged goods from your supplier?

You and your company are unfortunately not alone, and it creates a direct loss in profit for thousands of businesses every day. Poor packing, incorrect handling and storage, or substandard transportation are common problems in today’s world of logistics.

IMI Retail automates and simplifies the financial compensation for damaged goods handled by medium to large sized business. Your operators can easily send claim documentation in the same operation as they receive goods. Claims are well documented with attached pictures, correct item information and price – because of integration with ERP and WMS.

Scan the GTIN or GS1-128 label, take a photo, and claim the refund!

  • User-friendly interface that lets you report any claim with photos.
  • Send claims from warehouse directly to the supplier.
  • Easy to track claims progress.


User-friendly Interface

With IMI Retail integrated with ERP or WMS you have a fast track for the claims process.


IMI IoT support

IMI IoT reports deviation from sensors in your logistic chain. Common sensors are temperature sensors and humidity sensors.


Product level support

Handling deviation on all product level from pallets, batch, carton, collie, c-pack and r-pack.

Join IMI Retail for faster issue management and refunds.

Thanks to IMI Retail, you can register and report any deviations, from inbound to outbound in a few minutes.

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