Features to handle products from arrival to shelf placement.

Goods Management


Work smarter & stay updated

Excellent goods management is all about optimal inventory and the flow of goods. IMI Retail offers an efficient goods management solution with the following features:

  • Receive goods either by scanning or by click.
  • Place goods to defined areas.
  • Scan to get detailed information about that product.
  • Access information such as, stock level, on order, lead times, availability in other stores.
  • Perform inventory corrections, like quick stock updates or waste operations.
  • Manage scheduled or rolling inventories.
  • Print labels to shelf fronts or campaign boards.

Fast stock corrections

It enables you to find and stock issues with a single scan and few simple clicks.

One-click access to stock insight

You can use IMI Retail to access detailed information. It lets you extract each bit of info from a product arrival, shelving location, order to dispatch via a single product scan.

Save Time

It saves your employees time to manage stock with incredible speed and ease.


Keep your staff up to date on campaigns and promotions. You can filter on central or local campaigns.

Prioritize information

Customize the information you think should always be at hand.  

  • Product description
  • Check availability in other stores
  • Ordering information
  • Stock information

Product stock level

Item information lets you access product-level stock information via a single click.

Prevent out of stock

Item Library informs you about low stock. This allows you to add extra orders on best-selling items on your smartphone, and send the order to your ERP.

Save time and money

Save time and money on better stock handling and control.

Control your stock

Give the employees tools to reorder for avoiding stock out. Integration with your ERP or WMS systems will enable you to put an order from your mobile phone.

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