Visibility delivered.

Unlock real-time logistics data with Wismotion. Gain insights through dynamic ETAs, automated exception detection, and proactive alerts. Better information sooner equals enhanced supply chain efficiency and superior delivery experiences for your customers.


Create and retain happy customers

Brands aiming to meet and exceed customer expectations recognize the need to take control of their supply chain data. We empower brands to meet customer expectations by visualizing and optimizing supply chain data, ensuring a consistent and positive delivery experience across all levels, from individual orders to aggregated insights.


Instant access to delivery data empowers logistics professionals, customer care representatives, and consumers to track shipments and ensure convenience.


Analyzing data reveals trends across orders, enabling proactive measures such as identifying problematic carriers or addressing incorrect addresses to enhance efficiency.


Utilize visibility and insights to enact proactive changes, from managing customer expectations to preemptively resolving issues, optimizing both experiences and costs.

Personalized communication 24/7

Delivery Experience Management

With Wismotion it is possible to be the primary point of contact for all post-purchase actions by transforming the tracking page and messaging into a bi-directional communication channel. When things go wrong, let your buyers know you are on it by proactively resolve issues and share updates. Give your customers a great last-mile experience. Wismotion bundles all the tools you need to send reliable delivery notifications and alerts in line with your corporate design.

  • Keep customers in the loop through branded communication
  • Choose dynamic content template from the library, add your own branding, and you’re ready to go
  • You decide what information to be sent to the customer at what time
  • With our order tracking widget customers access real-time information about delivery status, location, estimated delivery date, and shipment content on your e- commerce site

Live monitoring and tracking

Real-Time Transportation Visibility

With Wismotion, real-time data is transformed into visual insights on your screen, letting you detect and solve potential issues before it’s too late.

With user-friendly widgets you can quickly assemble your dream dashboard, in line with your business and role. Just pick what you need, ignore the rest!

Your personalized monitoring dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Get a helicopter view of the current situation.
  • Zoom in to find the items with risk potential.
  • Take informed, timely action.

Service Quality Analysis

Measure logistics and delivery performance to improve both operational efficiency and customer service.

Wismotion measures the following components across time, service providers, and destinations:

  • Reliability: Is delivery service consistent? Are services offered in an accurate, timely way?
  • Responsiveness: Are customer needs met? What is the response time? How quickly are issues resolved?
  • Communication: What is the level of customer engagement between purchase and final delivery?
  • Take Stock

  • Analyze pre-defined performance metrics, using a clear, intuitive dashboard.

  • Benchmark

  • Compare your performance to industry peers to understand how your organization needs to adjust.

  • Improve and Grow

  • Make changes in your delivery service and measure the short- and long-term impacts.


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