IMI Supply Chain Solutions


Meet the Consumers' Shopping Habits of Tomorrow

The demand for food and beverage has never been greater. Consumers’ shopping habits tend to result in peaks during the holidays and fast-changing demands based on for instance next day’s weather forecast. This volatility together with great variety of products and that most products have a “best before date” the complexity of a food and beverage supply chain increases every day.

Common Industry Challenges

  • Seasonal variations and volatility in demand
  • Varying product characteristics (temperature requirements, size, expiry dates, fragility etc.)
  • Fulfill quality and safety requirements

Our Solutions Help you Achieve

  • Effective replenishment and responsiveness towards changes
  • A broad product assortment without hassle
  • Traceability in the whole supply chain

What does our Customers within the Food & Beverage Industry say?

Read more about our customer’s challenges within food & beverage below.

Some of the brands relying on IMI

IMI Supply Chain Solutions


Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.