Goods management

IMI Goods management lets you monitor & manage almost all aspects of you warehouse. Integrations with existing warehouse systems add quality and control to your logistic chain.

Web and mobile services for goods management

IMI Improve has a solid solution for goods management. Handle your goods with your mobile integrated into your WMS and ERP system. This speed up the goods handling and enhances the quality of your inventory data.

Key features

Excellent goods management is all about optimal inventory and the flow of goods. IMI Improve offers an efficient goods management solution with the following features:

  • Receive goods either by scanning or manually.
  • Place goods to defined areas.​
  • Scan to get detailed information about products​
  • Manage scheduled or rolling inventories.​
  • Print labels to shelf fronts or campaign boards.​
  • Access information such as, stock level, on order, lead times and availability.​
  • Perform inventory corrections, like quick stock updates and waste.​


Our software lets you manage stock with your mobile with integration with your WMS.


Get a detailed insight about a product on your mobile.


IMI Improve scanner makes inventory management easy. Use your mobile for shelfing, and dispatching tasks.​

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