Fast inbound process and 100% control over your inbound operations and experience the benefits of IMI’s warehouse management solutions: 

The inbound process plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any warehouse operation. However, it also presents its fair share of challenges that can impact efficiency and productivity Plug in any of IMI’s warehouse management solutions to your inbound process and you can say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork, time consuming inspections and a jumble of non-connected IT systems.

Some of the key inbound features are: 

  • Inbound
    - Speed up your inbound process and track incoming goods effortlessly.
    Capture and streamline all receiving activities by integrating purchase orders and advanced shipping notices (ASNs) from your suppliers.
  • Putaway
    - Enjoy optimal and dynamic storage and easy retrieval of goods.
    Store incoming goods in the most suitable locations based on factors like product characteristics, space utilization, inventory levels, and customer demand.
  • Enhance Quality Control
    Prompt warehouse staff to inspect incoming goods for damage, accuracy, and other issues with IMI's issue and claims module. Automatic updates to claims and corrections ensure that only verified products make it into your inventory, reducing the risk of customer complaints or returns.
  • Cross Docking
    - Deliver products to customers faster.
    Enjoy efficient cross-docking processes that identify incoming goods that can be shipped directly to customers without storing in the warehouse.
  • Effective integration
    - Plug us in where you need us.
    Integrate with other systems for seamless supply chain operations. IMI’s warehouse management solutions offer standard interfaces and APIs to host ERP, order management systems and supplier’s systems.
  • Achieve Scalability and Growth
    Streamline your expanding business by effectively managing the growing volume of inbound goods. Our highly scalable warehouse management solutions adapt to your evolving needs, empowering you to handle higher order volumes, integrate with other systems, and implement multi-channel fulfillment strategies. Stay ahead of your business growth with IMI.

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