Unveil the power of your intra-logistics processes


In the complex ecosystem of a warehouse, where countless goods are received, stored, and shipped, the role of intra-logistics processes cannot be overstated. The intra-logistics process serves as the backbone of warehouse operations, ensuring smooth material flow, efficient order fulfillment, and optimal resource utilization. 

With warehouse management solutions from IMI you will get a more efficient flow of goods and order fulfillment including various benefits and processes such as: 

  • Track and Trace on inventory and movement level
    Track goods within your warehouse using advanced technologies like barcoding, RFID, and GPS. Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, optimize warehouse operations, and track activities, shipping and delivery for better customer satisfaction.
  • Maximized efficiency and streamlined operations with the right resource allocation
    Manage time dependencies and ensure that tasks are prioritized, executed in the right order, and assigned to the appropriate user and equipment.
  • Efficient and High-Quality Inventory Audit
    Conduct inventory audits in real-time using our software through various devices such as phones, terminals, and PCs. Eliminate the need for large-scale physical audits, improve inventory accuracy, and maintain the integrity of your inventory data.
  • Deviation and Claims Handling
    Handle deviations and claims seamlessly within the same process as your inventory audit. Improve efficiency and data quality by managing deviations and claims concurrently, saving time and effort.
  • Mobile Quality Control
    Ensure that your goods meet quality standards and specifications. Monitor and inspect goods, register relevant information, capture and save pictures, and send tasks directly to the appropriate case manager for swift resolution.

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