IMI Releases Version 11.4 Of Advanced Order Management

AOM automates order fulfillment through the processing and management of orders, from receipt of an order by sales channels to the shipping of final ordered items to customers, and provides rule-based validation of sales order data, including customer information, credit limits, product restrictions, pricing data, and requested dates for shipping and delivery.

To further streamline order fulfillment, IMI AOM 11.4 introduces the Holds & Exception Dashboard, a new web application for monitoring holds and exception situations. The dashboard is seamlessly integrated with the AOM backend via REST APIs and provides intuitive overviews and easy to use functions for preventive actions.


“Smooth order processing is always a key focus for our customers. Still, unforeseen events occur, and with IMI AOM 11.4 and the Holds & Exception Dashboard we are providing a great tool for users to monitor, identify and take action to address these situations.”

Pär Wetterlöf, Chief Product Officer, IMI

The dashboard notifies you of potential issues and accelerates order processing by giving customer service and sales staff the ability to quickly identify problems and drill down to investigate the cause and take appropriate action to resolve, authorize, and release holds and exceptions.

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