IMI Supply Chain Solutions and Shibuya Enter Strategic Partnership

IMI Supply Chain Solutions and Shibuya have entered into a strategic partnership to further streamline their customers’ logistics flows. By applying modern business models and technological solutions, they aim to competitively improve the operation and security of IMI Supply Chain Solutions’ suite of software solutions.

Criteria for Strategic Partnership
“About a year ago, we began an ambitious search process for a partner to handle the operation of our software solutions. Key criteria included being Swedish for legal and security reasons, and being neither too large nor too small. It was also important to find a partner who shares our values and corporate culture,” says Niklas Rönnbäck, CEO of IMI Supply Chain Solutions.

IMI Supply Chain Solutions Shibuya Partnerskap

Niklas Rönnbäck & Christina Backlund

Shibuya, part of the Pulsen Group, is a hybrid IT provider offering infrastructure services aimed at achieving stable IT operations—whether locally in the company’s own data centers in Sweden, in private clouds, or in public solutions—making businesses efficient and profitable.

Niklas Rönnbäck

“‘When you find company cultures that align, when companies share values, and when people click together – then you can achieve a lot,’ says Niklas Rönnbäck, CEO of IMI Supply Chain Solutions.”

Innovative Solutions for Operational Excellence
“In our industry, it’s crucial to always be innovative and evolving. We’ve been doing this since 1964, and IMI has been around almost as long. I believe this has shaped our cultures and created a capacity for continuous change and adaptation to market needs and demands,” says Christina Backlund, CEO of Shibuya.

The partnership means that IMI’s software solutions are now delivered in the cloud.

Formalizing the Partnership: A Milestone Achieved
“We are helping IMI to deliver on a new business model where we provide cloud services, monitoring, infrastructure, security support, and service as a complete package. Here, we have integrated our offerings into a new whole for our end customers,” says Christina.

IMI Supply Chain Solutions Shibuya Partnerskap

The feeling – what we consider to be our IMI spirit, we found in Shibuya, with Christina Backlund and her entire team, a crucial component along with Shibuya’s strong market reputation.

A formal agreement was entered into between the partners in February this year, and already two major IMI customers are being hosted by Shibuya, marking the start of this promising collaboration.

Some of the brands relying on IMI

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