IMI Announces Version 8.3 Of Their Warehouse Management System

IMI announces version 8.3 of IMI WMS, a robust warehouse management system designed specifically for order fulfillment and logistics operations. Version 8.3 offers new capabilities that meet the warehouse needs of fast-moving businesses, including food/beverage, wholesale distribution, and online retailers. 

IMI WMS 8.3 incorporates the latest in voice picking technology, which improves accuracy and pick performance while helping speed up picking. The new voice solution is based on Lydia Voice™ software from top systems and has been fully integrated into the IMI WMS application.

The release also adds new process flows especially useful for small goods and e-commerce operations, with multi-product replenishment of pick locations (pick for replenishment), and a new solution for receiving transit goods for immediate merge with planned pick orders (PO-based merge-in-transit).  There are several additional enhancements in other areas, both platform and functionality.


”The new voice-picking solution in IMI WMS 8.3 combines outstanding picking efficiency with the leading user ergonomics of Lydia Voice, and we look forward to helping our customers to further increase their performance

Pär Wetterlöf, Chief Product Officer, IMI

The pick for replenishment function started out as a customer integration for e-commerce retailer Verkkokauppa, but is now, a standard function of IMI WMS 8.3


“We use the Pick for Replenishment solution to collect multiple products in one go for replenishing pick and primary buffer locations”, says Henrik Weckström, CTO at eCommerce retailer Verkkokauppa, and continues:. “With our multi-storey warehouse layout and very broad assortment, the solution helped us cut the time and effort spent on replenishments with more than 50 %.”

Henrik Weckström, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Verkkokauppa

Some of the brands relying on IMI

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