The Success story with Aim'n

Growing Pains Solved with IMI GO! and AutoStore

Aim’n is a Swedish activewear brand for women, designing stylish and high-quality sportswear that aim to empower women to feel confident and strong through their active lifestyle.

Growing Pains Solved:

Aim'n Overcomes Warehouse Challenges with IMI GO! and AutoStore Implementation

The activewear industry has been booming over the past years. From serving its original intended purpose of being worn in the gym to becoming its own fashion staple. 

The brands that stand out in this growing market focus on quality, innovation, and creating strong brand awareness. One of those brands is Swedish founded Aim’n, the activewear brand designed for women who want to look good without sacrificing comfort or functionality. 

Aim’n - Empowering women to aim higher and dream bigger

The founders, Tekla and Helen were sick and tired of wearing boring, unflattering active wear while performing their fitness activities. They decided to change the industry, and this is when Aim’n was born—an active brand created by women, for women. 

Despite having people tell them that they were wasting their time chasing an impossible dream, they continued to pursue it. In May 2014, their first collection launched and sold out in an incredible 4.5 hours! Since then, Aim’n has seen exponential growth and is valued at a billion SEK in 2022. 

To fuel this growth, Aim’n has been turning to a WMS provider that could solve their warehouse and delivery management challenges for years to come – IMI GO! a solution by IMI Supply Chain Solutions, with e-commerce and retail in focus became their choice.

Robin Aimn
We were extremely impressed with IMI GO! and their ability to provide such quick implementations. We went from our manual picking to automated and could work the system the same day of deployment.
Robin Mostacero
CEO, Aim'n

The process of finding a squat proof WMS

Finding the right WMS provider was not an easy challenge at first. They needed a new system fast, but either the implementation was too long, or the quality standard didn’t meet their requirements. IMI GO! stood out from the competitors by being an easily integrable solution with a significantly shorter implementation time. A combined solution that offered both the warehouse system & the transportation administration also decreased the IT costs by almost 80 %. 

“We were looking for a new WMS system, but we wanted to make sure we got the right one—one that would be fast and efficient, but also reliable. We talked to a few WMS providers and on average the implementation time was around 13 months. Like oh, we need a new system now, let’s just wait a year… With IMI GO! they could offer fast implementation but also give us an efficient, reliable solution that we needed.” – Says Robin, CEO at aim´n 

Aim’n really lives up to their own motto of “aim higher” and decided to start this entire process of changing their WMS systems just before the most hectic shopping season of the year – Black Friday. Quick implementation and a system that is easy to use for employees made it possible for Aim´n to conquer both black week and Friday without any hassle. 

Growing muscles – a need for a new warehouse 

In 2021, Aim’n’s warehouse was bursting at the seams, and they, therefore, decided to build a new, larger warehouse in Getinge. To be able to effectively continue growing their warehouse for years to come this new 6000 square foot meter warehouse also included an AutoStore solution provided by Element Logic. With the Autostore solution, Aim’n would be able to increase their daily pick capacity without increasing the need for personal labor.  

Despite the change in the warehouse process going from manual to automated picking, the transition to the new way of working was smooth thanks to IMI GO!´s integration to the AutoStore solution from Element Logic. Allowing Aim’n to continue managing their warehouse operations with minimal disruption on the go-live day. IMI exceeded their expectations and their IMI GO! system was ready to be in full use on the same day of deployment.  

“We were extremely impressed with IMI GO! and their ability to provide such quick implementations. We went from our manual picking to automated and could work the system the same day of deployment. We received around 3000 orders through the system on the same day as implementation, which was just incredible.” – Says Robin,  

The partnership with IMI Supply Chain Solutions has been a key factor in Aimn’s success and has allowed them to focus on growing their business and meeting the needs of their customers. 

A system that easily whipped warehouse- and delivery management into shape 

Together with IMI GO! Aim’n has seen an increase in warehouse and delivery efficiency. With the system being so easily integrated with other ones, Aim’n has achieved a reliable full-circle supply chain solution including returns that can scale and grow with them. 

“With previous systems, I’ve always had to be a part of the integration process. They were too complicated and required my constant oversight. But with IMI GO! I didn’t need to check on them at all. They’ve made a system easy enough to integrate with other systems but still effective enough to handle our warehouse and delivery management needs.” Robin continues 

The positive ripple effect - lower costs, streamlined operations, and growth

Just after one year of using IMI GO! Aim’n has managed to:  

  • Lowered their delivery management costs by 80%
  • Achieve scalable growth by the combination of WMS and delivery management in the same system.
  • Decreased the need of employees under high season and the day-to-day operations with the combination of Autostore & IMI GO!
  • Tied together the whole customer journey from order to delivery and returns.

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