Ahlsell Group has grown to become the market leading wholesaler and trading company in the Nordics for construction equipment and materials for heating, cooling, plumbing, electricity, tools and DIY.

Being in a highly competitive market, Ahlsell is constantly looking for ways to develop the business and its processes. IMI has supported Ahlsells expansion for many years, enabling an integrated supply chain that use one single system across countries, business units and
market segments.

Having well over hundred thousand products in the assortment, Ahlsell are able to provide real-time information about inventory availability and lead-times, with ability to offer tailored pricing as well as value added services. The omni-channel transparency spans across all warehouses and professional stores, and – equally important – across all sales channels including e-commerce and automated store replenishment.

Claes Seldeby, Ahlsell
The vision is clear for the future; we need a resilient IT platform and we believe that IMI will continue to help us meet the future needs of our organization in strengthening our market position and enabling profitable growth
Claes Seldeby
CEO, Ahlsell


  • Centralize supply chain operations and warehouse sites
  • Improve integration and visibility across channels and legal entities for order management, logistics, invoicing, and distribution
  • Explore digital commerce opportunities to serve customers better


  • IMI AOM™ integrates sales operations, purchasing, internet commerce and order fulfillment
  • Advanced logistics capabilities for high-volume execution
  • Support for scalability and acquisition strategy


  • Single face to the customer across channels
  • Orders in before 5 pm delivered next day at customer’s site
  • One IT-system for all legal entities in 6 different countries

Some of the brands relying on IMI

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Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.