Turn Distribution Complexity into Management Simplicity

IMI AOM™ is a flexible, multi-channel inventory and order management system that streamlines logistics processes, providing full visibility and control across your supply chain to increase profits and shorten lead times. 

Turn Distribution Complexity into Management Simplicity

IMI AOM™ is a flexible, multi-channel inventory and order management system that streamlines logistics processes, providing full visibility and control across your supply chain to increase profits and shorten lead times.

As customer demands and distribution complexities continue to rise, it is becoming more decisive than ever for international trading companies to manage orders seamlessly and without errors. This is where we can help.

By automating inventory and order management, our IMI AOM™ solution improves order accuracy across your global supply chain, enabling you to deliver the
perfect order every time.


Advanced Order Management

IMI AOM™ supports the full life-cycle of all kinds of orders in your distribution operation, providing outstanding flexibility, global inventory visibility, and full control from order entry through delivery tracking to financial settlement and after sales support.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates manual processes
  • Provides full visibility and control
  • Increases efficiency and profits
  • Improves customer service
IMI AOM Solution Box

Secure Flexibility for Future Growth

We partner with you to develop and integrate cutting edge, scalable solutions that your business and your customers can rely on today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Powerful Order Processing

IMI AOM™ delivers powerful order processing capabilities, improving customer service and increasing capacity. It supports high-volume EDI order processing and provides web services integration, making online order entry efficient and user-friendly. It responds immediately to orders with accurate sourcing and available-to-promise (ATP) information, along with insights into pricing and credit exposure, replacements and substitutions, holds and exceptions, and more.

The system also supports customer profiling with bill-to, sell-to, ship-to settings, helping you provide the right levels of service, pricing, and handling to every customer.

IMI Tablet Interface

Pricing and Promotion Management

With IMI AOM™, pricing and promotions can be offered and calculated at the individual order line level. The system contains complete pricing information down to the item and supports customer-specific pricing according to different agreements. Its flexible pricing models can leverage base and market price lists, customer agreements, discounts, and more, and promotions can be applied based on time periods, customer and product segmentation, and auctioning.

IMI AOM™ also provides full visibility into price list generations and history, margin calculations, and weighted landed cost.

Demand-Driven Supply Management

The IMI AOM™ solution enables flexible multi-channel supply and distribution with a dynamic selection of best source and availability-based sourcing rules. Each individual order line can be given its own shipping location and delivery date (as requested by the customer) and optimal source.

The system also supports advanced replenishment planning with dynamic product selections, relevant forecasting methods, and purchase order generation – all based on real-time order and inventory information.

IMI Boat Shipping

Inventory Visibility and Reverse Logistics

IMI AOM™ covers all the inventory locations within your enterprise, providing multi-site visibility and control across various legal entities and warehouses. It provides insights into time-phased availability and status, best usage of available stock, event-based (re)reservations, in-transit shipments, rationing, hold codes, and more.

All kinds of products – including kits, lot/batch products, serialized products, packing material, and service products – can be tracked and controlled. The system’s reverse logistics features support customer and vendor return processes, including flexible return order processing, claims and replacements, and credit notes.

Automated Billing and Settlement

IMI AOM™ automates invoicing and transaction posting for a more streamlined billing and settlement process. Its invoicing tools provide flexible profiling and triggers with configurable frequency, charges, consolidation, and timing settings. The system also streamlines internal transfer settlements via transfer price lists and fully automated billing between legal entities. It can even automate vendor invoice matching based on vendor price list calculation.

IMI AOM™ also offers a Generic Financial Interface (GFI) for integration with financial systems, allowing synchronization of master data, account plans, and currencies, and flexible mapping of AP, AR and GL transactions.

IMI Economy Billing and Settlement

When Downtime is Not an Option

Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.
We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to consult, design, and integrate
frictionless solutions that are engineered to prevent disruption at all levels.

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