How Ahlsell works with Sustainability, Risk, and Resilience

Ahlsell is known for their efficient logistics and supply chain, and how they have moved fast in the development and implementation of digitalization, automation, and sustainable work within their logistics and supply chain. In an interview together with Supply Chain Effect, Ahlsells’ CEO Claes Seldeby sat down to talk about how they work with just these areas, and why it’s important for the future of supply chain logistics.

Improve productivity on construction sites 

Delivering fast and on time is a promise Alhsell takes very seriously. They know the importance of making sure their customers get what they need when they need it.  

Ahlsell has been looking at ways to improve the productivity of construction sites by making sure everything needed for the next day is in place when the construction worker or installer arrives, as well as by conducting night-time deliveries (if possible) so that workers can focus on getting their jobs done instead of waiting around for deliveries.

Largest automated warehouse in the Nordics 

In 2011, Ahlsell built what was then the world’s largest automated warehouse in Hallsberg, Sweden. In 2018, an additional investment of SEK 450 million went into Hallsberg with a clear goal in mind, to become more efficient and faster than ever before.

Focus on digitalization 

With a focus on digitalization, Ahlsell is developing new initiatives to improve its business, making everyday life easier for both customers, suppliers, and employees. 

As an active part of Ahlsell Groups’ ongoing digitalization journey, the partnership with IMI has played a significant role over the last decades. 

Ahlsells’ partnership with IMI has resulted in significant benefits in production-oriented data flows and qualitative work operations. The two companies have combined their knowledge and technical expertise to enhance Ahlsell’s digitalization efforts. 

“We have the ERP system IMI AOM, which integrates sales, purchasing, e-commerce, and order management efficiently throughout the Group. The system also serves as a digital platform for the other digital solutions that we continuously integrate,” Explains Claes. 

To read the full article where Claes talks more about how to be a great leader, how to think regarding local suppliers, and their work with sustainability click the link below. 

Supply Chain Effect meets Ahlsell and Claes Seldeby

Ahlsell warehouse

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