Some Of The Faces Behind IMI


We strive to create an environment where everyone’s strengths are valued, and this helps us work better together to bring great solutions to our clients.

Niklas Rönnbäck IMI

“I have been with IMI for almost 20 years but this is by far the most exciting time as we embark on our continued growth both within the organization, and together with our customers. It’s almost like we have this new “start-up feeling” within our already established company”.

Niklas Rönnbäck
Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Lundegaard IMI

“IMI is the best workplace I could ever ask for. There are always new and exciting possibilities, and if you want to, you have the power to let your ideas be heard and make a real change.”

Sandra Lundegaard
Chief Operating Officer

Johan Nyhlén IMI

“I would love to continue the growth journey we are on. Personally, I want IMI to be known as one of the best employers in Sweden.”

Johan Nyhlén
Chief Financial Officer

Andreas Overmyr IMI

“I’m very excited to be a part of IMI and the growth journey we’re on. Besides this, I think it’s amazing how close we actually work with our customers. This has enabled us to be bold and creative in addition to being laser-focused on what truly matters for them.”

Andreas Ovemyr
Chief Technology Officer


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“Together with my team, I am committed to creating more value for our customers. I believe in working closely together to help our customers become world-leading in sustainable supply chain operations, solving problems they face today and in the future.”

Firas Wade
Chief Sales Officer

Pär Wetterlöf IMI

“One of the best things about working at IMI is to feel the response from satisfied customers, and that together with our customers we actually contribute to concrete societal benefits.”

Pär Wetterlöf
Chief Product Officer

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