IMI GO! - Administration 👷

The administration view is a crucial tool for warehouse and logistics managers, as well as team leaders. With this portal, you can easily add new employees, prioritize tasks manually, track key performance indicators (KPIs), manage consignments, and much more. It’s your one-stop-shop for efficient management of your warehouse operations. Take a look for yourself and see how our WMS admin portal can streamline your workflow!🤩

IMI GO! - Warehouse 📱

Are you looking for a powerful tool to optimize your warehouse operations? Look no further! GO! warehouse app is designed specifically for warehouse workers. With features such as picking & packing, replenishment, put away, and inbound GO! streamlines your workflow, making your job easier and more efficient. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to seamless automation with our state-of-the-art warehouse application in GO! Whether you’re picking, packing, or shipping the order, GO! has everything you need to succeed. Try it out today and see the difference it can make in your daily operations!🚀


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  • Combined WMS + TA (the first one on the market😱)
  • Configurable with customer promises in focus ⭐
  • Cost efficient, I´ll guarantee we have a better price than others 😉
Robin Aimn
The combination of WMS and delivery management in the same system has good scalability and provides great value for our automation with Autostore. We get a stable solution and technical security.
Robin Mostacero
CEO, Aim'n Apparel

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