New IMI WMS™ release boosts efficiency in warehouse operations

IMI announces a new release of its real-time warehouse management system for high volume transaction processing of products for third party logistics, manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution companies, IMI Warehouse Management version 8.1 (IMI WMS 8.1).


The release delivers features in several areas, adding functional, technical, and usability enhancements for decision support, e-commerce enablement and streamlined work processes.

IMI WMS 8.1 includes many strong features including a new pack station for e-commerce operations, a lot of enhancements to increase the operative efficiency in inbound warehouse processes, new output manager features, plus smart tools for configuration (import from excel) and integration (APIs to external algorithms). A new add-on web application, Client Collaboration, has been added to the extended solution scope, enabling external (or internal) users to enter orders and monitor progress via a web user interface.

Linköping, Sweden.

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