IMI takes over Elverket in Hässleholm

During a period of strong growth, we eventually grew out of our offices at Norra Stationsgatan. Luckily our next-door neighbor Hibab had just reboosted Elverket, where we now have expanded our offices into. Not only does the building have more room for our staff and offices, but it also has a history of being the first place where electricity got made in Hässleholm. We’ve decided to keep that tradition and make sure we create history within the future of supply chain logistics.

On June 1st the doors to our new offices at Elverket opened with a hefty celebration with some of our colleagues from all around Sweden.   

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We have a long history in Hässleholm that began with Ceratina Systems, a company we acquired in 1997. Thanks to us, there’s food in Norway, wine, and pharmaceuticals in Sweden – in other words, we have contracts with a host of companies in the Nordic region and around the world, and our systems handle millions of orders. 

 We’ve been proud to call Hässleholm home for many years now. Our new office space reflects our commitment to growing here: It’s bright and airy, with lots of windows and natural light. We wanted it to feel welcoming and friendly—and we hope you’ll feel that way too when you visit us!

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That we have been on a growth journey since 2020 when Priveq stepped in, is no news. In 2021 we’ve increased our workforce by 30 percent, spread across offices in Hässleholm, Linköping, and Gothenburg. As we are growing quickly, we are always on the hunt for more talent. At present, we have 123 employees, of which 50 are in Hässleholm, but by the end of the year they will be 150. 

“We like Hässleholm, it's where we have our soul in terms of warehouse management, and we've also been quite successful in getting people to come here," says Niklas Rönnbäck, CEO at IMI Supply Chain Solutions.

Kent Johannesson, CEO of Hibab and owner of Elverket, is delighted that Elverket has regained its former glory and that he can help secure the company’s continued development in Hässleholm. 

“This means a number of new positions in Hässleholm, which could just as easily have ended up elsewhere," says Kent Johannesson.

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