IMI adds new functionality for smarter purchasing

Industri-Matematik International (IMI) announces a new release of its powerful system for global order and inventory management, IMI Advanced Order Management 11.3 (AOM 11.3), with high volume transaction processing of products for manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution companies.

The overarching objective with AOM 11.3 is to simplify and enhance the support for purchasers and product managers to plan, adjust, commit and follow progress of purchase orders and replenishments.


AOM 11.3 introduces a new module for the planning, performing and monitoring of purchases and warehouse replenishments, Advanced Replenishment Planning (ARP). ARP includes many strong features for linking customer demand to purchasing needs, automating the generation of purchase orders, and providing intelligent decision support and alerting to purchasers and product managers. A new web application, Purchase Dashboard, has been added to the enable great overview and signaling of sales development, purchasing activities, and inventory status. With 11.3 comes a new alert management framework to support tailored configuration of alerts with associated severity levels and notification methods.

Some of the brands relying on IMI

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