Being the agile and flexible alternative on the third-party logistics market in Sweden, Logent is helping its clients remodel their logistics operations for increased efficiency. Logent is often taking over staff as well as entire warehouse sites as part of the outsourcing arrangement, something which puts the flexibility and configurability of the software systems to test.

Logent works with the IMI WMS™ solution and the IMI team to turn the desired process flow into an effective warehouse production setup and to deliver a working solution for the 3PL client within the agreed lead time.

When we win a new client business, we need an agile software partner that can help us establish the most effective WMS setup.
Mats Steen CEO Logent
Mats Steen
CEO, Logent Group

When Downtime is Not an Option

Logistics must keep pace and work seamlessly to deliver around the clock.
We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to consult, design, and integrate
frictionless solutions that are engineered to prevent disruption at all levels.

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