Better Together


By working closely with our partners, we aim to provide a high level of trust, enabling customers to gain a more efficient supply chain.

Better Together

It’s much easier when all your key systems are working together in one place. We want to make your work easier, so we team up with world leading companies that integrates with and complement our solutions. The reason behind is to save your time and prevent errors by eliminating manual processes. Another benefit is to be able to control and overview several systems through one single interface.

World Leading Pick By Voice Solution

LYDIA Voice is winning fans all over the logistics world because it provides hands-free, eyes-free and – compared to other voice solutions – even headset-free benefits to pickers and operates via a unique LYDIA VoiceWear picking vest. There are no breaks in the workflow; the employee can focus entirely on picking without distraction. The wins are much-improved speed and accuracy. Easy to pick up and use in an instant, LYDIA requires no voice template training and reacts to voice commands in multiple languages according to customer preference.

As a certified Lydia Solution Partner IMI manage LYDIA Voice projects from the first contact until go-live and beyond. Standardized integrations are available for fast on-site implementation with minimal disruption.

Mobile Solutions For Deviation Handling And Claims

The Norwegian company Agrippa Solutions deliver cost-effective mobile solutions for deviation handling and claims in logistic chains. With Agrippa Improvements one mobile solution replaces multiple system and hand terminals solely using an app on your smartphone.
Agrippa Improvements is integrated with IMI WMS for a seamless onboarding and user experience.

Time To Streamline Your Supply Chain?


Rg19 was started in 2013 as a spin-off from IMI and has since then been a partner to IMI and our joint customers. With extensive experience of complex logistics chains, Rg19 has the right knowledge to manage and monitor business-critical IT systems with extreme high demands for accessibility and performance.

By offering a technical edge together with personalized service Rg19 has helped companies like Ahlsell, NorgesGruppen, Swedbank and Procurator to transform unique information into competitiveness.

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When Downtime is Not an Option

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