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Granada, a Norwegian 3PL company

The future-oriented family-owned 3PL company located in Norway helps other companies with customer service, order management and logistics. They have established long-lasting collaborations with their customers since 1985.


The Norwegian 3PL company adding new customers with a breeze

Today the 3PL market is blooming but still struggling with keeping margins while making sure they satisfy their customers’ needs. Therefore, it is extra important to stay ahead of the game and lower the cost of operations through optimized & automated workflows.



Granada has always delivered high customer service and value to their customers. They are also a flexible 3PL partner and are having a variable pricing model depending on the customers’ needs. But in 2018 they felt that a new WMS provider would increase their customer service even more, so they started seeking the market.

Granada needed a provider that had a wide API integration to make sure their integrations towards both their customers and internally were being made as easy and fast as possible. They also wanted a system that gave full access to all delivery & carrier options.


Granada personer
Then we found IMI GO! and the solutions delivered above and beyond what we’d hoped for. The system is flexible and user-friendly, integrations are a breeze (for both us and our customers) and the support is fast and reliable.
Kathrine & Kasper G. Andersen
Founders, Granada

Benefits with IMI GO!

  • Delivering above and beyond expectations
  • Super user-friendly & we where up and running in a couple of weeks
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Integrating new customers is a breeze

IMI GO! the most automated & cost-effective out of the box order fulfillment solution on the Nordic market

Some of the brands relying on IMI

IMI Supply Chain Solutions


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