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Deviation and Returns Management System

Solutions for Efficient Claims and Compliance Management in Logistic Chains

Easier Handling of Deviations and Returns

The Deviation and Returns Management system is an in-demand deviation solution for large logistic chains, helping to manage your warehouse safely and efficiently. The software provides an easy, automated system to operate your warehouse by integrating it into any ERP, WMS and OMS systems.

Faster and more precise Deviation Registration

We know it takes a lot of time to find the cause of a deviation. That’s why we offer an automatic system that finds the cause for you. The system automatically registers deviations and saves you 15-30 seconds per deviation.

Deviations should not be hard to manage. With the system, you can register and search for deviations quickly and easily. Every deviation is linked to an activity and a responsible person or project group. This results in clearer accountability and more effective operations.

Faster Claim Processing

The system make it easy for you to process claims quickly and professionally, automatically. All you need to do is enter a deviation in the report, press a button, and our software will handle the rest. Necessary documents are generated and the supplier gets proper information about what the claim entails.

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Supplier Follow-Up

We all have suffered as a result of deviations. Acquisition departments have had to cope with changes on the factory floor and employees have been held back from their regular work in order to correct mistakes or repack pallets. It is not uncommon for suppliers to claim 500 – 1000 SEK for an error that has cost them much more money. Our customers report that the system helps save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs in the long run by eliminating errors at the source – and we’re talking about days, weeks, or months of unnecessary costs here!

By registering all deviations, not only the major ones, the system gives our customers a complete overview of their suppliers’ delivery quality. Since they have implemented this system, their negotiation power has increased significantly with their suppliers, to improve quality and reduce costs.

Deviations Reduced by Close to Zero

When we look at costs, we often consider how much resources you could save if suppliers always delivered as agreed. This Deviation and Returns Management solution helps you do just this, while also helping you reduce those resources by bringing you close to 0% deviations.

All Systems in One Place

Customers have implemented this system for quality control, HSE checklists, and deviation registration in all areas of their company. Naturally, this reduces cost and makes things easier for employees.

  • Provides a user-friendly mobile application to register any issue and deviation in your logistic chain.
  • Easily create predefined categories, procedures and task for easy and correct handling.
  • WMS, OMS, and ERP integrations to speed up management and data quality.
  • Manages your compliance and makes it easy to report claims in seconds.
  • Easy reporting.
  • Triggers will automatically generate an e-mail and/or package deviation report to the appropriate person or department.
  • Availability of predefined reporting temples for HSE incidents.

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